Claims Processing
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With rising costs, growing customer expectations, disruptive diseases, competition, and integration with complex technologies, healthcare today is at a juncture where the stakeholders must invest in innovative solutions, automation, and digital technologies to build an intelligent and 21st-century ready healthcare system. Multiple – disparate systems, high transaction volumes, and delays in claim settlement are challenges in manual process. Therefore, the solution to these problems is automated claims processing.

Key Challenges: Claims Processing


Disparate Systems

TPA Systems, Emails, Other Insurance Service Provider Platforms, PDF documents, Spreadsheets. The more disparate touchpoints, the higher are the chances of an error.


High Data Volume

The high volume of data to be extracted from various sources and updated in HIS/ ERP daily. It requires multiple resources rummaging through loads of data throughout the day.


Delays in claims settlement

With claims data keyed into multiple systems and coming in high volume and a large number of non – structured inputs, claim settlements are delayed, directly impacting the cash flow.

RPATech brings automation to Claims Processing

With our automation solution, we have helped healthcare organizations automate claims processing solution. Some of the key benefits include:
  1. Templates for TPA templates
  2. Connectors to major ERPs
  3. Ready to deploy workflow for TPAs and other Insurance Providers
  4. Customized automation on HIS and ERPs
  5. 24X7 availability
  6. Integration of existing reporting or bespoke reporting/ MIS

Benefits of Automated Claims Processing



Our ready-to-deploy workflow reduces automation time.

Minimal Human Intervention

Minimal Human Intervention

Automate more than 90% of your process and minimize human intervention.

Quick Settlements of Claim

Quick Settlements of Claim

With automation in claims processing, add speed in daily status updates and claims settlements.

Detailed Insights

Detailed Insights

With Daily MIS and variance reports, your team now has detailed insights into the process.

Quick ROI

Quick ROI

With automation in Claims Processing, typical ROI realization is within 6-months.

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