The rapidly changing technology ecosystem and transformation of SCM have changed how the manufacturing industry has traditionally worked. Today, manufacturing has to work with multiple systems, timelines, scheduling, and deliveries. That is why one of the global leaders in the manufacturing of packaging films engaged RPATech to automate some of the most critical yet highly manual processes to improve efficiency, reduce TAT, reduce the error rate and costs.


About the Client

The client is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of BOPP films, specialty films, packaging films, laminating films, label films, digital films, and thermal films.


Key Issues

Our client handled the bank reconciliation process manually, making the process labor-intensive, monotonous, and slow. A continuous increase in our client’s transaction and manual process made it complex, cumbersome, and error-prone. Our client wanted to improve their real-time financial position visibility.


Our Solution

RPATech analyzed the client’s existing process and proposed RPA solutions to transform the existing labor-intensive manual bank reconciliation process. Once implemented, the solution resulted in end-to-end automation of the existing process. RPATech designed a software robot on the UiPath platform, after which the bot:


  • Extracted data from statements received via email (MS-Outlook)
  • Downloaded report from the general ledger maintained in ERP.
  • Reconciled transactions in SAP.
  • Notified about the success and failure to the respective stakeholders.


Automation Benefits

The benefits obtained by the client with automated bank reconciliation are as follows:


  1. 100% automation of the complete process.
  2. 65% reduction in the running cost achieved.
  3. 100% reduction in error rates.
  4. 75% AHT Reduction.
  5. 100% accuracy achieved.
  6. Real-time visibility of cash positioning improved.


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