Automated Payroll Processing Solution

Automation powered Payroll Processing

Managing payroll is not an easy job for any payroll executive. Gathering inputs from multiple sources and calculating the salaries, incentives, deductions, leaves and work hours is a hectic and monotonous task to be done. 

The greatest issues are staying compliant with the new tax laws and the need to gather various payroll inputs.

Key Challenges: Payroll Processing

Financial Leakages

Incorrect mapping of work hours, leaves, employee exits and  relevant approvals results in unexpected leakages resulting financial burdens on the organizations

Multiple Input Sources

Different business units track employee data and approvals differently. Sometimes due to business requirements. This results in mapping of employee data correctly, a tremendous challenge

Multiple Payroll Cycles

As organizations are moving towards multiple payroll cycles in a month, this brings additional pressure on payroll executives to process payroll correctly during each payroll cycle

RPATech brings automation to Payroll Processing

Our automated payroll processing solution has been designed to automate all key payroll requirements while minimizing leakages, improving efficiencies and reducing costs and manual efforts by 80 percent Some of the key features of our automated payroll processing solution include:


Connectors of multiple data sources for collating payroll data

A powerful and customizable rule engine to process payroll

Approval/ Rejection Workflow

Daily attendance/ employee MIS 


Improved Accuracy​

With minimal human intervention, accuracy is increased by 95%

Minimal Human Intrvention

Up-to 90% Reduction in invoice – receipt to payment time

Audit Trail and Governance

Complete audit trail of processed invoices. Governance to ensure stakeholders respond to each invoice within service levels

Compliance Management

Automated  management of Tax and other statutory compliances

Quick ROI Realization

With employees focused on value-driven tasks and less spend on expensive multiple ERP licenses, typical ROI realization is less than 6 months

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