The everything “as a Service “model has gained wide acceptance and adoption with organizations opting for SaaS, ITaaS, PaaS and other services. Banking on the huge popularity and broad use cases of RPA, many automation system integrators will launch the RPA as a Service (RPAaaS) model. As witnessed in 2020, organizations using SaaS were able to innovate faster to thrive the disruption without extra costs or efforts. The same principle can be applied for RPAaaS. For instance, RPA as a service was leveraged by Nasdaq across its finance operations to increase productivity, efficiency, save money and time. It also mitigates risks and manages compliance.


The global RPA industry has made huge advances in 2020-2021. 2022 might just prove to be the game-changer for RPA where it expands into newer terrains adds new capabilities. Automation will continue to cement its position as a must-have enterprise technology with RPA at its heart.