Our team at RPATech is a combination of experienced practitioners who have championed innovation in Intelligent Automation and implemented change across global organizations along with young enthusiasts with a constant zeal to learn and change the way the world thinks. Give your Career the impetus it needs and you deserve.


Why RPATech For Successful Career

Great place to work, Multiple Growth Avenues, Great pay and perks

RPATech is a high growth company and you can expect to grow here faster compared to other organizations and have a great fulfilling career.

98% of the employees get an average of 49.74% per year increase in their salary, which is far better than any industry standard. There are two appraisal cycles. Some of the outstanding performers get a hike in both cycles.

Since we have a startup culture, we respect the flat organization, and everyone has the opportunity to innovate and grow up the ladder. We have had seen interns growing to Managerial position in RPATech.


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Cool and knowledgeable management
work with smart people

Reward Recognition

At RPATech, we encourage and reward every positive contribution. There are weekly, monthly and yearly recognition programs and not always related to work. Sometimes, we reward people for being funny and their participation on Friday Jam. Last Annual Day, top performers got Apple iPhones!

Party and Fun Activities

We believe that work should also be fun, besides enjoying the work, we indulge in picnic and party. Before the new normal, we used to do a lot of expeditions and outings. We look forward to resume the same post pandemic. As part of our Friday Jam session we do a lot of fun activities like online quizzes, singing, etc.

10 Most Promising RPA Service Providers

We care for the well-being of our staff. You, your spouse, and four kids (No, we don’t support high population growth) are covered for cashless health insurance of 5 lakh, with all existing diseases covered. Health Assistance is a dedicated medical care service that assists you in all your health-related queries.

Life Insurance

As part of our employee benefits basket, We offer Life Insurance coverage for all our employees depending on your position, you get 10-40L of life insurance coverage. We believe stability and security are the main pillars of employee wellness and this is an step in that direction.


All employees get options to exercise their rights to own a part of the company. Each employee gets a minimum of 100K worth of shares to complete a year in the company. 10% of total shares of the company are in ESOPS pool for the employees.​

Performance bonus

The company offers a comprehensive and dynamic performance bonus plan that nurtures and promotes excellence. Almost everyone in the organization receives 100% performance bonuses, even during challenging times like Covid Pandemic​.

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Fun Activities / Engagement

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