RPATech's FAQ's

FAQs for Business Owners/Decision Makers

RPA is a platform which helps the organizations and its verticals in automating their processes which are monotonous (repetitive in nature) but critical/vital at the same time. It is a platform which impersonates human activities/actions and executes the processes in a swift manner. 

As the name suggests, we are talking about robots here, but these are not physical machines but software robots which execute the processes (coded on RPA platform) in the same manner as a human being does. Also, it can be termed as a virtual workforce. 

This is a no code/low code platform, and any process can be automated with drag and drop functionality. 

The processes, which are digital, UI (user interface) based, repetitive, standardized/well defined, and not dependent on human cognitive intelligence.  

Yes, absolutely! For data extraction, we need an OCR (Optical character recognition) engine which can easily be integrated, and which makes possible standard and custom data extraction possible from documents.  

Data extraction can be done from scanned documents, True PDF, .JPG/.JPEG/.PNG/.TIFF, HTML kind of documents.  

Yes, bot can interact with the database for reading, fetching, and storing the data into databases/processing to another applications.

No data is stored into the bot which means it is a completely secured platform. Bot only executes the process as designed/developed in the bot. 

There are two types of bots which are available. One is attended and another is unattended. 

Attended bot which needs human intervention to trigger the process. Human and software bot can work on the same machine.  

Wherein Unattended bot doesn’t need any human intervention or can say very less intervention. This needs a separate machine and the process is auto triggered by the orchestrator. 

It is a web application which manages, controls and monitors robots. It ensures the security of each robot deployed, measures it as well and tracks the performance of the bots. It is a very powerful tool. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is same as a human intelligence, and it works for taking decisions by building algorithm into a machine which clarifies that any decision can be taken by a software application instead of a human being which is fixed and easily provide output.  

Example could be taken as reading a document, and extracting the needed details to further input/execute a process along with classification of information 

Wherein Machine learning (ML) is further expansion of AI which helps the initial algorithms to learn over a period of time, ensuring it is accurate/error free and would not require any human help to give the desired output. 

Example could be taken as any information which the tool/engine can recognize but not confident to proceed with it (0/B/8) and take human help to validate or ensure the accuracy of input. Here this model helps the processing engine to save the human input as a base for future transactions which will automatically be eliminating the need of human approval.

Email automation, PDF automation, Excel automation, Data table automation can be taken as a suitable candidate for automation but not limited to only these. As software bots can easily be integrated with applications such as SAP, HIS (Hospital information system, salesforce, any web application (home grown, specifically designed and govt. websites etc.), desktop applications such as Outlook, excel, share folders etc. 

As you have already learned with the above explanation that how much a software bots/virtual workforce can help humans with their day-to-day tasks which are important but tedious and taking much time of one’s productivity time. 

The benefits can be explained as follows: 

  • Gaining productivity as bot can work for 24*7 once aligned and triggered which means efficiency increased to 3 times a day 
  • Also, bot does not stop working in case of any human approval – which means it aligns the task to human and keeps on working on other transactions meanwhile remaindering human user for their inputs to ensure the completions 
  • As Bot works faster than human which automatically reduces the TAT (Turnaround time) of any process and enables organizations/verticals to meet the desired timeline of delivery of an order/ submission of a transaction / invoices / releasing payments to the suppliers 
  • Enable organizations to create a good relationship with the customers and vendors. 
  • Help businesses to avoid penalties for late deliveries and due to errors in the invoices 
  • Execution of processes with accuracy and proper validations lead to saving the productive hours by removing the need of rework. 
  • Employee satisfaction is increased as they are aligned for more competitive tasks 

Below are some industry and vertical specific use cases

  • KYC Document QC Process 
  • Loan Approval process 
  • Invoice processing 
  • Bank Reconciliation process 
  • Insurance Reconciliation process 
  • Resume parsing 
  • Employees PF generation 
  • Employee Onboarding / offboarding process  
  • Material Master creation 
  • Sales order processing 
  • Reporting processes 
  • Data inwarding process 
  • Contract date extension 
  • GRN Process  
  • Mode of payment and premium change process 
  • Policy issuance and surrender process 
  • Order creation process 
  • Ticketing (BPO) process 


There are many more processes which can easily be automated. In simple words, discovery of a process for RPA automation is important and RPATech helps the process owners / decision makers in doing the same. You can write to us on hello@rpatech.in 

FAQs for Candidates /Developer

No, anyone can easily learn this tool without any coding knowledge as this is no code platform. You can easily build the automation with just drag and drop activities

We, RPATech are official training partner with UiPath and provide training of 40 hours which makes a candidate understand all the basics which an RPA developer would be needing. However, RPATech is an organization where you can start with zero RPA knowledge and can be a PRO in 6 months as we provide On the Job training and help the candidates with live projects hand handing. If you want to build your career as an RPA developer, then come and join us and go to our career section to know more. 

The candidate must have the eagerness/spirit to learn a new technology and be ready to give their full time like any other job demands.  

It’s not a tool which does not need hardcore coding so relax as you will enjoy as soon as start learning as everything would be in ready mode for you to get the command over it. 

There are free /trial versions available for citizen developers. 

Yes! If you want to start your RPA learning journey then RPATech will help you to train with UiPath platform. But that would not be the end of your learning journey, we will support you to train with cross platforms such as AA (Automation Anywhere), Microsoft etc.  

High level learning understanding 

  • How to install the tools? 
  • How to design, develop and manage a project? 
  • How to handle exceptions and manipulating the data? 
  • How to do the integration with different applications? 
  • How to do image and text automation? 

There is much more to learn and deploy your knowledge into a live project.