Future-Proof Your Business with RPATech’s D3O Framework




Whether your business is not gaining the traction it requires to cooperate with the changing market needs and efficiently dealing with the customer demands, here, you need optimized solutions that could better fit in your current need of running the business with great productivity and reliability. D3O Framework


RPATech can help you with your business bottlenecks. We can come in touch to best consult you about how to streamline your various business processes and bring harmony among its various operations to better respond to the customer as well as market expectations.


Our consulting framework comprises the following methodology that we’ve created indigenously to help you fine-tune your business operations and upscale its process capabilities. We have termed it as a D3OSM Framework, where a thorough check is done on various business operations to identify the bottlenecks or other drawbacks and create coordination between its diverse processes as well as optimize the overall business performance. 


The following are the critical elements of our D3OSM Framework to ensure your business keeps gaining on its optimized operations.    


Evaluate your business processes and identify the areas of improvements, then prepare for the solution accordingly.


Create custom solutions best fit your specific business needs and make them ready to deploy.


Build suitable automation strategies to standardize your business processes and help boost its operational productivity


Keep supporting your business even after the automation implemented to make sure your business keeps gaining on long term benefits of its upscaled and optimized operations.

Here is the breakdown of our D3O approach about how we address your business silos and help you place the sure-shot solutions through highly optimized enterprise automation applications.

D3O Consulting Framework 

Operation Analysis
First, we perform the business operations analysis to determine those non-optimized ones and are needed to be further worked out with the purpose to make them more organized, paced, and productive.

– Discover 

Our RPA experts help you explore the possibilities of optimized operations and benefits your business can gain through it. Once you foresee the benefits of streamlined processes and the role automation can potentially deliver in gaining your business in the long run, our automation professionals start working on devising a practical solution.

Process Prioritization 
We determine the process execution in order of high to low, based upon the requirement which operation is needed to be performed first and then rest of the others, so to create harmony between the processes and generate highly accurate and relevant results. 

– AugurDSM

Here, our RPA experts get to the task and integrate indigenously designed MotherBot® with your business process to streamline the activities and optimize its operations. We keep in consideration the best industry practices like Six Sigma and Lean while optimizing your business process and operations.

Baseline Validation 
In this step, we check for the base ground of automation strategies that are to be implemented whether they will be feasible to perform with the due capability to streamline the process and optimize the business operations. Along with this, we assess the automation deployed will work in fine-tuning with the platform it is implemented upon, to further improve the overall business performance.

– Input

We go through the basic ground be it of any platform, business, technology, or the other, to evaluate the efficiency of our automation application to be implemented to ensure the outcomes of the expected results. Our specialists do a recheck on the automation process, the methodology to be deployed, the technology to be incorporated, or the data to be infused – just to re-assure the implementation done are in the best interest of your business operations and overall performance.

RPA Readiness     
We finally see whether all business processes work in proper sequence and harmony so as to bring in needed results. Our RPA experts utilize L4 Process Maps to deploy and optimize the predetermined and efficient operational steps. We re-run the checks to make sure the business processes are executed through optimized operations.

– Output

Once we re-assure that your business process has been optimized, our ultimate aim of strategic enterprise RPA implementation is achieved. Our automation professionals understand that maintaining the same efficient operations is critical to gain success for your business in the long run, so we keep supporting you even after deploying the due solution to help your business stay productive and performing.

Benefits of D3O Consulting Framework 

  • Optimize the business process by ensuring operational accuracy and efficiency
  • Establish best practices to create a productive ecosystem and help to implement it organization-wide  
  • Encourage right governance and proper knowledge management to be adopted across the enterprise

Automation is the force coming next to revolutionize the way business is done, and RPA being the significant one is to help you implement business-critical automation for future-ready operations.

To know more about our D3OSM Framework, visit https://www.rpatech.ai/d3o/ to take further insight on how we can help your business remain competitive, yet productive to outsmart your competitors.

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