Automate your repetitive and tedious tasks with our smart bots to enhance your productivity and do more strategic work. We guide you in applying RPA effectively, creating a business plan to meet your goals, and selecting the right automation tools. We’re not just a service provider, but your partner in achieving automation excellence.

RPA & AI Implementation

Why RPA?

 RPA is a fast-growing and lucrative market that will reach $2.9 billion in end-user spending by 2022.
– Gartner
RPA and AI implementation is a smart choice if you are looking for ways to automate tasks that are simple, repetitive, and hard to integrate with APIs. It can help you save time and money.  Robotic process automation (RPA) is popular among business users who don’t need to go through the traditional IT buyer. RPA promises to reduce resources, boost efficiency and make scripting easy.

Benefits of RPA Implementation

Speed of value

Speed to Value

 Get quick ROI in weeks or months than years

Increase efficiency

Increase Efficiency

 Improve productivity by optimizing speed and efficiency

Optimize Cost

Optimize Cost

Reduce the costs associated with errors, reworks, and penalties


Quick Scalability

Easily scale RPA bots with zero to low cost

Achieve Accuracy

Improve Accuracy

 Eliminate human errors such as typos and miscalculations 

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory Compliance

 Comply with regulations and standards

Bring the Power of AI to RPA

Experience the power of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Smart OCR, and Machine Learning brought to Robotics Process Automation.

Exceptional User Experience

Bygone are the days when AI was just for sci-fi movies. Now, use enterprise AI to deliver an exceptional UX.

Expand Automation Capability

Expand automation capability by adding AI skills to RPA and letting them unleash robots’ superpowers.

Harness the Power Of Duo

AI takes the capability to a whole new level. Automate complex tasks with AI as the brain and RPA as the Hands.

Understand Complex Data

Combining RPA with AI, ML, and NLP allows robots to understand and comprehend complex data.

Achieve New Capabilities

Combine the power of RPA, AI, ML, and NLP and gain new capabilities that are beyond human abilities.

Be Future Ready

Be future ready with our comprehensive solution. It is no more about faster automation but about better automation.

Benefits of Intelligent Automation

Accelerate Process

Speed up your process and minimize turn-around time with a reduction in error rates.

Faster ROI

Shorter deployment timelines, end-to-end automation result in quicker ROI.

Unmatched Accuracy

Cognitive capability, continuous learning, and user feedback bring unmatched accuracy.

Smart Allocation

Helps in dynamic allocation of resources to more meaningful tasks.

Allows Flexibility

Intelligent automation can help you scale up and down seamlessly to handle any volume of work.

Data Security

A customized solution will contribute to greater confidence in security.

Importance of Selecting the Right Process For RPA

The first and foremost step for successful RPA implementation is selecting the fitting process. Assessing RPA opportunities helps determine the best candidate for RPA implementation. As per the reports, 30-50% of RPA projects fail because they choose the wrong process for automation. Therefore, targeting the right process for RPA implementation is essential. Right Process Selection = Successful RPA Implementation

Most Common Checklist For Selecting Simple Process To Automate With RPA.

Rule-based: Nominate the rule-based and logical processes.

 Labor-intensive: Choose manual and labor-intensive processes.

Data-Intensive: Select the data-intensive processes.

Digital Inputs: Pick processes that work on electronic files.

Error-Prone: Prefer error-prone processes.

Why do leading companies choose RPATech?

$500k saved

by reducing the costly error rates, leading to increased operational efficiency and cost savings.

20% quicker

implementation  using in-house methodologies to quickly identify candidate processes for automation and pre-build customizable components.

100% success rate

attributed to our comprehensive understanding our client’s needs, effective project management, and demonstrated expertise.

3Mn+ hours saved

for our clientele through our strategic approach to automation

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