RPA Support and Maintenance Services

Automation is great, but it needs regular upkeep. We can make your AI and automation solutions work well for you. We can do things like optimize performance, fix issues, monitor compliance and security, and more. You can focus on your main business while we take care of your automation solutions.


Why your business need RPA Support & Maintenance Service?

As businesses embrace the efficiency and productivity gains offered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA), sometimes they face unexpected issues that disrupt their bot operations. From technical glitches and process complexities to stakeholder engagement and scalability issues, these hurdles can be daunting to overcome. RPATech’s RPA Support & Maintenance Services are specifically designed to tackle these challenges head-on, ensuring uninterrupted bot operations and the smooth functioning of your RPA ecosystem

Challenges in RPA Solutions after implementation

After deploying RPA solutions, businesses often encounter unforeseen challenges that were not evident during testing or training. The four main types of challenges they face are

Technical Challenge
Technical Challenges

1. Bugs & errors
2. System or application exceptions
3. System Connectivity & integration issues

Process Changes & Complexity

Process Changes & Complexity

1. Changes in Process flow
2. Changes in Business Requirement
3. Changes in underlying applications

Stakeholder Engagement
Stakeholder Engagement

1. Lack of user adoption
2. Inadequate communication
3. Lack of Technical expertise to handle complex RPA Tasks

Scalability and performance
Scalability and Performance

1. Adapting to increased workload
2. Bot utilization

Benefits of RPATech’s RPA Support & Maintenance Services

Experience the following benefits with RPATech’s RPA Support & Maintenance Services

Uninterrupted Bot Operations

Uninterrupted Bot Operations

Proactive maintenance

Proactive Maintenance & Updates

Ability to focus

Ability to focus on core business functions while our experts maintain your RPA solutions

New features and functionalities

Addition of New Features and Functionalities

Quick issue resolution
Access to 250+ RPA experts for Quick Issue Resolution Dedicated
Support team for ongoing

Support Team for Ongoing System Monitoring.

Instant Troubleshooting

Instant Assistance with Troubleshooting and Guidance

Incorporating Tailored Features
Incorporating Tailored Features and Integrations
Minimized Downtime

Minimized Downtime

RPA Support & Maintenance Services Offered by RPATech

Regular Services

Technical Support issue resolution

Technical Support & Issue Resolution

Monitoring Responding

Monitoring & Responding to Incidents

Troubleshooting Fixes

Simple Code Troubleshooting & Fixes

System Maintenance

System Maintenance & updates

User Provisioning

User Provisioning & Management

License Management

License Management

Add-On Services

Performance Optimization

Bot Performance Optimization

Upgrades New Features Deployment

Upgrades & New features deployment

Code Modification

Code Modification for changing or new business requirements