RPATech selected as top 10 RPA Services Providers




Forging Digital Transformation with AI and Robotic Process Automation

RPATech selected as the top 10 RPA Services Providers by Analytics Insight. RPATech is a company which includes vast experience in automating processes across verticals and is not limited to Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, BPO, Retail, and Travel. The company’s clients are spread across India, Africa, and the Middle East. RPATech’s team has proven ability in managing enterprise-wide efforts in RPA using its Center of Excellence. The company has helped its clients identify and automate processes of varying complexity, and size. From assessing and identifying automation feasibility, designing and developing bots, to optimizing the automation solution – RPATech engages in the end-to-end process.

The company uses its proprietary Delivery framework D3OSM and discovery tool AugurDSM for the entire automation solution. RPATech provides automation solutions on top of RPA platforms like – Automation Anywhere, UiPath, Datamatics, Enate, SoftoMotive, and Work Fusion. To make the automation truly intelligent, it has the capability to integrate with NLP, Computer vision, and Machine learning. In a short time, the company has automated 50+ processes including, loan processing, claims processing, invoice processing, IT processes, inventory management, order entry, etc. on RPA. RPATech has a vision to democratize Robotic Process Automation in enterprises. RPATech, a pure-play RPA Company, started its journey with a clear focus on cognitive and service delivery automation with the development of RPA talent in the industry to help support the quick adoption of RPA.

The company started with a partner-led strategy with leading RPA tools like UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and SoftoMotive. RPATech is the only Franchisee training partner of UiPath. It aims to help enterprises adopt RPA with minimum teething trouble. A Leader who Championed Innovation, Alok Mani Tripathi is the  Founder and CEO of  RPATech, an incubator of multiple initiatives in the field of RPA and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Alok’s vision for RPATech is to be an artificial intelligence centric system integrator for RPA, with the focus to enhance the applicability and adoption of current RPA tools. Before RPATech, Alok has created and led the RPA COE for many large enterprises like EXL, NIIT Technologies, and others.

Alok has written books, multiple articles, and white papers related to RPA and AI. “Learning Robotic Process Automation” is one of his very successful books published by Packt. He has a knack of building teams from grounds up to help create new business lines with new-age technologies. Alok is an early adopter of RPA and has been closely associated with companies like UiPath, Automation Anywhere and BluePrism.Transforming Enterprises with Intelligent Automation – RPATech has a strong vision to provide one-stop intelligent automation services for those organizations which are adopting digitalization. The company is focusing on solving unstructured data problem which most of the enterprises are facing in this disruption era. RPATech has developed partnerships with leading platform providers which include UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Softomotive, Enate & Datamatics on which RPATech team develops bots with its domain expertise to customize, configure and implement the solution for enterprises.

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