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HR Automation


The global sugar confectionery market has grown steadily in the last two decades. Owing to the novel tastes of consumers, many leading sugar confectionery companies are launching new products with innovative flavors. The current trend in the market is the usage of healthy ingredients due to rising health awareness and increased diabetic incidences. The factor that is mainly driving the industry’s growth is the growing trend of gifting sugar confectionery items. A research report by Polaris states that the global sugar confectionery market will index increase at a CAGR of 4.7% during 2021-2028. As the market grows, several back-office challenges resonate across the industry, such as quality improvement, reduction in variations and errors, maximized material traceability, and fulfilling regulatory compliance. The solution for these challenges lies in emerging digital technologies like RPA. Many leaders are already leveraging the benefits of automation in various processes such as HR automation, Payroll automation, and many others.

About the Client

Our client is one of the world’s dominant producers and suppliers of confectionery and chewing gum, having a worldwide presence in more than 150 countries. The company owns various international and regional brands to match customer preferences and tastes. It has 38 operating companies with 31 manufacturing facilities and more than 17k employees worldwide.

Key Issue

The key challenge for the client was maintaining printed documents of 3000+ employees. It became overwhelmingly painful for them to accumulate such bulky documents. And as the company grows in number, the challenge of archiving and preserving the bulk of physical documents increases. The client desired to automate and digitize various employee documentation such as increment letters, confirmation letters, transfer letters, and F&F letters in the Human Resource process.

Our Solution

Considering the need to automate and digitize documents, the client turned to RPATech for HR automation solutions. RPATech catered to the client’s need by first analyzing their existing process and then configuring a customized bot on the UiPath platform. Then RPATech deployed the RPA bot into the client’s process, and the bot performed the following actions:

  • First, it reads data from Excel sheets, HRMS, and Joining Portal.
  • Secondly, the bot collates the data in the pre-designed template while complying with the company’s codes and government regulations.
  • Thirdly, it creates password-protected letters, saving them in a relevant folder.
  • Lastly, the bot sends an email with the created letters to the designated user.

Automation Benefits

The client realized the following benefits with HR automation:

  1. 100% automation of all documents.
  2. 100% data accuracy achieved.
  3. Zero error rates.
  4. Elimination of manual letter creations.

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