RPA Enhances Productivity by 90% of Premium Payment Mode Change Requests for an Esteemed Private Insurance Company




Premium Payment

Our Client

Our client is one of India’s renowned private insurance companies, offering flexible life insurance and retirement solutions to customers across India. The client has earned illustrious prestige in the market for over a decade and is present across India with over 200 operational offices. They are a recipient of many awards and accolades in the Insurance sector. It has been strongly inclined towards utilizing cutting-edge technologies to improve its customers’ retirement solutions.

The Problem

The client manually processes thousands of requests from its customers (policyholders) to change the premium payment mode. The agents receive these requests from the SMS/Missed call database and the company portal. To address each request, the agent has to manually validate the policy details and the applicable rules. Upon successful validation, the agent punches the updated data into the multiple applications and excel files. The whole process is lengthy, cumbersome, and monotonous. Due to the applicability of conditions and rules, the request needs thorough validation to honor the customer request, thus increasing the time and effort for each transaction and resulting in huge backlogs.

The Solution

RPATech studied the client’s process and analyzed each step, in detail to understand the suitability of developing an end-to-end RPA solution. The goal was to reduce the manual effort involved in dealing with the voluminous data. The study revealed that the process could be successfully automated based on volume, rule-based, and average handling time.

The solution incorporated the validation activities applicable for each policy as business rules in the RPA bots. Based on the expertise in RPA and IA and handholding capabilities, our RPA experts evaluated the client’s in-place operations and created workflow automation to implement RPA. Next, we tailored an RPA Bot on the UiPath platform and deployed it into the client’s system.

Business Outcomes

85% Reduced AHT

100% Accuracy

Reduced Operational Costs

Improved Customer Satisfaction

90% Improved Productivity

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