Automated Contract Data Extraction Solution for a Mining Leader




Automated Contract Data Extraction


Automation in Mining is a debatable topic. Many would ask how such digitalization can help industries such as Mining that are physically intensive. However, there is a wide variety of repetitive and rule-based tasks performed in the business process of the mining industry, not adding value to the core business. For such tasks, RPA is an answer. Mine leaders can integrate RPA solutions to such business processes and free up their valuable human resources to focus on value-added tasks. Talking about Global Mining Automation Market, the report by Research Reports World states that the market is estimated to index CAGR at 4.1% by 2027. The key factors propelling the growth in mining automation are the rising need to shift from conventional practices to automation, the need to improve productivity, and rising concerns for workers’ safety on mining sites. However, what restricts the expansion of automation in mining is the fear of jobs elimination.

About The Client:

Our client is a global conglomerate natural resources company comprising more than 5 subsidiaries running successfully in verticals: Zinc-Lead-Silver, Iron Ore, Oil & Gas, Aluminum, Copper, and Power. They operate in various parts of the world, with a major presence in India, South Africa, Ireland, and Australia. More than 65,000 employees and contractors are engaged with the company directly or indirectly globally.

Key Issues:

The primary issue of our client was delayed orders delivery to their customers due to data updated inaptly in SAP. The staff was manually extracting contract data, causing delays in data acquisition in SAP, ultimately affecting their services to the customers. Delays in data compilation led to late product delivery to their customers, resulting in an SLA breach. The client needed an automated contract data extraction solution to streamline the process, improve turnaround time, and increase productivity.Synopsis

Our Solution:

RPATech’s solution to the rising need of the client was an automated Contract Data Extraction solution with RPA. We first took a comprehensive view of their existing operations to apply this solution. Then we designed a detailed workflow for RPA implementation and configured a bot on the UiPath platform. Next, we deployed the bot into the Contract Extraction process. Following are the actions performed by the bot:

  • The bot logs into SAP and downloads the open Sales Orders details using contract code.
  • Then the bot creates a readable Excel sheet of all open Sales Orders with details and shares the sheet with the specified user.
  • After receiving the file, the user issues a new validity date for each order and sends it via email to the bot.
  • On receiving the mail, the bot then reads the Excel sheet, updates the relevant information in SAP, and saves the upgraded details, thus completing the process.

Automation Benefits:

The business benefits attained with automated contract data extraction for the client are as follows:

  1. Reduction in turnaround time by 90%.
  2. Overall productivity increased by 90%.
  3. Zero errors.
  4. High-quality and satisfactory services delivered to customers.
  5. Manual touchpoints eliminated.

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