Payroll Automation for Reduced Financial Leakages




Payroll Automation


The BPO industry has been here in the market for more than two decades, serving as a critical lever of transformation for organizations and helping businesses to focus on core competencies. The industry has constantly been evolving using innovations and the latest technologies. The benefits of RPA— cost-saving, agility, and efficacy—encourage many BPO leaders to leverage these benefits into their business, making RPA a part of their standard client services portfolio. Also, customers are getting aware of RPA benefits; therefore, they are mandating their outsourcing business partners to build RPA into the contracts to leverage high margins and enhance productivity. According to reports by Valuates, the Global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) market size is predicted to grow at a remarkable CAGR of 4.2% for the forecast period of 2027. According to reports, one of the growth drivers for such massive growth in global BPO market size is the rising demand for BPO automation.

About the Client

Our client is an elite business solution provider, having clientele in the Indian and global markets. They are capable in multiple business lines such as Inbound and Outbound Project Management, Back Office Services, Customer Experience, FOS, HR services, BPO-BPM, Social Media Support, and others. The foundation on which the firm stands is to cater to the dynamic needs of the young businesses in pan India and global space.

Key Issue

The main challenge for our client, a BPO firm, creating payroll for multiple clients and reconciling data from numerous sources resulted in high error rates, causing high leakages of 13-15% every month. There was an urgent need for payroll automation solution to reduce financial leakages and reduce error rates.

Our Solution

To eliminate the critical challenges faced by the client, RPATech deployed customized RPA solutions in the client’s process. Payroll automation helped the client to overcome their core challenges, and below are its main features:

  • The Bot daily fetches employees’ attendance from 8 different sources.
  • Then it applies all the logic & rules and shares the attendance via email with the concerned user.
  • After receiving a request to make some changes in the attendance, the Bot incorporates the same and prepares the monthly attendance at month-end.
  • At month-end, the Bot generates the payroll referencing with monthly attendance.
  • Lastly, via email, the Bot shares the final output with the financial stakeholder.

Automation Benefits

Following are the benefits attained by the client with payroll automation:

  1. Significant reduction in financial leakages by 90%.
  2. Zero errors.
  3. Turnaround time slashed down by 75%.
  4. Timely processing and real-time visibility gave stakeholders control over any deviations.
  5. 100% accuracy rate achieved.

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