Accounts Payable Automation for a Leading Packaging Company.




Accounts Payable Automation


Global manufacturing sectors are experiencing continued growth. However, the historically tight labor market was a potential constraint on the industry’s momentum. Another often-discussed constraint to continuing manufacturing’s momentum has been the ongoing uncertainty in tariffs and their subsequent impact on trade flows. Costs throughout the manufacturing value chain are seemingly impacted every day.


About The Client

Our client is India’s largest packaging company, specialized in sterilizable flexible packaging materials with high barriers and incredible shelf presence, specifically designed for thermal treatment.


Key Issues

Our client used the SAP BAPI platform for its operations, but they faced a critical issue: they still had to create the customer code manually to maintain the customer data. Their process had several episodes of human interventions like reading, validating, registering, and posting supplier invoices into the system.


Our Solution

RPATech analyzed the client’s existing process, identified the prospective process suitable for RPA implementation, and implemented a fully customized and non-invasive RPA solution. The automation begins with:

  • Bot logging into the required systems.
  • Capturing relevant data from emails.
  • Performing data validation against other systems.
  • Updating the data into SAP BAPI and creating the customer code.
  • Post, park, or block invoices based on client business logic.


AP Automation  Benefits

Accounts Payable automation led the company to:


  1. Eliminate human intervention.
  2. Save 95% of the time on manual work.
  3. Reduce error rates by 100%.
  4. Process invoices within the timeframe.
  5. Enhance vendor relations and achieve real-time customer service.


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