How can RPA help organizations to sail through COVID 19?





Nobody saw it coming, but it is here. Covid-19 has hit every business around the world. It didn’t matter whether it was a well-established business or someone starting off the ground; everyone has experienced the impact. Keeping up with finances has become difficult due to low revenue and an uncertain financial environment. Scarcer reserves have hit startups or small businesses even harder. Covid-19 has forced enterprises to rethink how they should be managing and operating their activities.

Covid-19 impact on business

Though every business has felt the negative impact, the intensity varies from business to business. Some are mildly impacted, some are severely impacted, and then there are those who are somewhere in the middle. For example, accommodations and food services, and arts and entertainment sectors are heavily impacted, whereas the finance and insurance sector is mildly impacted. And those lying in between are retail trade, manufacturing, wholesale trade, transportation and warehousing, and others.

Covid-19 has not only impacted business revenue and profitability, but it has also affected the way businesses function. Businesses are relying on technology more than ever, and things like work from home and flexible working hours have become a new normal. In whichever sector your business is, the time has come to realize that these changes are likely to stay for a while.

One of the challenges that businesses are facing is related to handling the workforce. There is a difference between managing employees in an office environment versus remotely. Employees who are less reliable and less committed to work pose a threat to the smooth functioning of business activities. Besides, due to falling revenue, companies are struggling to employ the same workforce as they did before the pandemic. These are the reasons for which companies have to look for alternative options.

How can RPA help?

Adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one alternative that promises to increase productivity and cost less than the existing workforce. With the help of RPA, you can automate activities that are repetitive, rule-based, less complex, and require negligible intervention. However, RPA is not a replacement of an entire workforce. You will still need employees to handle your business operations. But, after the implementation of RPA, you will only need the workforce to take care of business activities that require cognitive ability. We have listed below a few of the several ways RPA can help you to sail through Covid-19 successfully:

  • You can automate invoice processing. RPA can read through each received invoice, scan the data, and store it in a designated location, verify the data, and release the payment.
  • RPA can download resumes of candidates from email, extract the data, match the data with your selection criteria, and email you the shortlisted candidates’ details.
  • Customer service can be automated where you need to send template responses. RPA can read through customers’ email, and after detecting specific keywords within the mail, it can post predefined replies to them. Thus, you can automate responses for all types of queries you receive from customers.
  • RPA can collect social media statistics and prepare daily reports for your digital marketing team.

Benefits of RPA

The benefits of RPA is uncountable. Given below are a few ways in which RPA can benefit your business:

  • Automate everything repetitive.
  • The time required for implementation is very less, depending on complexity.
  • Implement RPA without making structural changes within the organization.
  • No need to remove your existing tools and software, RPA integrates with it very well.
  • Employ the workforce towards tasks that require thinking skills.
  • Direct saved workforce towards customer service.
  • Save costs of operating activities.
  • Increase productivity by getting more done. Robots do not get tired.
  • Increase consistency of service quality.
  • Improved compliance by recording RPA activities, processes, and steps for future audits.
  • Reduce errors.

Businesses around the world are adopting RPA to automate whatever they can because of these benefits. RPA is convenient, and it does not create a mess as the human workforce does. It will not request sudden leave or go on strike due to low wages. With RPA, you do not have to worry about human traits such as loyalty, honesty, and other character traits. It resolves challenges related to human emotions that often hamper organizational productivity.

How can we help?

We, at RPATech, provide an excellent implementation of robotic process automation for various business activities. It does not matter which industry you are operating in. If your business runs on technology, then we can automate it. If you are unable to see the business areas that you can automate to save cost, then consult our team at RPATech to fix an appointment. Our team will help you identify it. We have helped several businesses streamline their processes and save costs. Please send your email to [email protected] or call us at (+91) 8010-369-369.