Rodic Consultants automated its invoicing process and achieved 85% reduction in TAT




Invoice Processing Automation

Our Client​

Rodic Consultants, a leading business consulting company, offers end-to-end solutions in various sectors. They believe in delivering cost-effective and time-effective projects, owing to their exceptional commitment to customer service. With their headquarters in New Delhi, they have their registered cum regional office in 6 states in India.

The Problem​

Their finance team received thousands of invoices from vendors in True PDF format. Their toughest challenge was to manually map and enter these invoices in their ERP system daily. The finance department used to spend hours manually uploading copies into the ERP system. The major impact of manual invoicing is felt in the area of productivity and process cycle time.


The three main challenges that the client faced were:

  1. Slow turnaround time
  2. Calculation Errors
  3. Low Productivity

The Solution

RPATech worked with Rodic Consultants to develop a customized RPA solution that could automate their invoice processing. The solution involved automating the entire invoice processing cycle, from data extraction to payment processing. RPATech used intelligent OCR to extract data from invoices and validate it against the company’s ERP system. The solution also included automated payment processing, which helped them process payments faster and more accurately.

Business Outcomes

85% Reduction in TAT

80% Reduction in Manual Intervention

Zero Error Rate

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