Automation of Miscellaneous Charges Order Turned a Profit for an Online Travel Agent.

Automation of Miscellaneous Charges Order

Synopsis Travel is one of the most competitive markets with cut-throat competition. End customers want the most competitive fares, quick turn-around-time, and exceptional customer service. With more than thousands to travel services providers, automation with high accuracy is the key to staying relevant. Traditional automation is not only expensive but also time-consuming to implement. Robotic […]

Accounts Payable Automation for a Leading Packaging Company.

Accounts Payable Automation

Synopsis Global manufacturing sectors are experiencing continued growth. However, the historically tight labor market was a potential constraint on the industry’s momentum. Another often-discussed constraint to continuing manufacturing’s momentum has been the ongoing uncertainty in tariffs and their subsequent impact on trade flows. Costs throughout the manufacturing value chain are seemingly impacted every day.   […]

Claims Processing Automation saved 50% of TAT for a Leading Healthcare Service Provider

Claims Processing Automation

The Client Our client is India’s leading world-class healthcare service provider, aiming to deliver patient-centric care by providing the highest standards of medical care. Being present in the market for two decades, the client has set its footprints in various parts of India, installing 17 healthcare facilities in PAN India. The Problem Our client received […]

10x Faster COVID-19 Test Data with Automation in Healthcare

Automation in healthcare

Synopsis There is an adage: a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. The Healthcare industry is an important sector of every society as it directly impacts people’s lives. Therefore, healthcare industries need to provide quality health services to the people. However, the global pandemic has exposed the healthcare ecosystem gap: slow digital transformation. With nations […]

RPA in Manufacturing for Centralized SAP System—A Case Study

RPA in Manufacturing

Synopsis The manufacturing industry is a front runner to adopting automation solutions. Beginning from the Industrial Revolution 1.0, where machines and humans worked together, the manufacturing industry is ripe for Industry 4.0, where robots take over swivel chair tasks from humans. According to a report by NASSCOM, Indian manufacturing is aiming to embrace digital transformation […]

Save Precious Hours of Your Workforce with RPA for Healthcare—Case Study.

RPA for healthcare

Synopsis The healthcare infrastructure is loaded with many burdensome and strenuous activities that drench the energy and time of their staff. Automation has been here for a long, yet healthcare sectors are slow to adopt these digital technologies. However, once leveraged the power of RPA and AI, healthcare leaders can reap its manifold benefits such […]

India’s largest hospital network wins over financial loss with RPA in healthcare

RPA in healthcare

Synopsis RPA in healthcare for Government Schemes [ECHS and CGHS] is the second automation project materialized for our client, the leading healthcare service provider. The client began their automation journey with RPATech by automating their Claims Processing and continuing their digital endeavor with us by using our tailored RPA solutions for collating data for CGHS […]

Invoice Processing Automation for a Prestigious Automotive Company—A Case Study

Invoice Processing Automation

Synopsis The manufacturing industry is a prominent contributor to the global GDP. This industry alone contributes 15% of the global economy, yet 72% of its operations are handled manually. As industry 5.0 is advancing, there is an increase in demand for knowledge-based manufacturing and a need to reduce the gap between knowledge, technology, and services […]

Significant Reduction in TAT with Automation in Healthcare.

Automation in Healthcare

Synopsis Novel technologies disrupt how various industries such as manufacturing, banking & finance, travel, and others operate. However, these technologies have yet to make headway into the healthcare sector. Once healthcare providers absorb these disrupting technologies into their business processes, they can deliver patient-focus services. Further, automation in healthcare can help the healthcare providers streamline […]