80% Time Saved on Managing Customer Orders with RPA




Order Management


This case study presents a successful implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for order management and invoicing, resulting in significant time savings and operational efficiency for a global automotive technology supplier. Our customized RPA solution streamlined the manual and time-consuming order and invoicing processes, reducing the processing time by 80%. 

About the Client

Our client is a global supplier of advanced automotive technology with a significant presence in Europe. The company offers innovative solutions for vehicles and is committed to delivering high-quality products and services. 

The Problem 

Our client faced several challenges due to the manual handling of order management and invoicing processes. Processing approximately 600 orders daily required the effort of five employees. Furthermore, it took thousands of minutes to complete processing their customer orders. The time taken to complete the process also includes reviewing and editing of any errors or duplications. 


Therefore, the major business challenges for our clients were: 

  1. Time Consuming
  2. High volume of daily transaction
  3. High resource utilization
  4. Errors and Duplicity

The Solution

After conducting a thorough analysis and mapping of the client’s order management process, we realized that they needed an unattended bot capable of handling orders 24×7. Our experts incorporated all inputs, applications, and flows involved in the process, ensuring that orders were being managed in a seamless manner.

We developed the bot with decision logic to handle various scenarios like customer order change request and initiate notifications for stock refilling. We took a proactive approach to developing the bot, ensuring scalability to handle future increases in orders or demand fluctuations.


In exceptional cases, the bot promptly notifies the stakeholders via email. To reduce processing time, we trained the bot to trigger the print function and generate printouts of all necessary documents like e-way bills, green pass, and consignment cards.


Business Outcomes

80% time saved on processing orders

100% Accuracy achieved

Better resource allocation

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