Report Automation helped a high-ranking Energy and Utility firm gain 100% accuracy in real-time reporting




Report Automation

Our Client

The client is one of India’s largest power-generating companies, mainly operating on solar and wind power plants. The company has been around for more than a decade and has experienced market-wide exponential growth. It has been strongly inclined towards using state-of-the-art technologies to enhance internal operations and meet the growing demands of the business.

The Problem

The client processed 11 reports and 21 sub-reports from the company’s internal portal to assess the status of the multiple projects carried out in various regions. As these reports were manually extracted daily, and with multiple projects in operation, the workload was huge, due to which the stakeholders were not receiving timely updates. The reports also contained data compilation errors, causing delays in timely decisions on planning and forecasting.

The Solution

RPATech assessed the existing report generation process and recommended developing an end-to-end RPA solution as the process comprised repetitive and rule-based steps.

The client immediately knew the need to implement a report automation solution to streamline their process, gain visibility across the departments, and receive real-time reporting to make accurate business decisions.

This was done using our non-invasive solution that could easily download the extracted data by selecting multiple tabs from the company’s case tracking application.  The data was then manipulated, and the reports were sent to the stakeholders via email.

Business Outcomes

Following were the benefits that our client attained with report automation:

Error-Free Reports

Zero Human Intervention

On-time Reporting

Reduction in AHT

Streamlined Distribution of Daily Reports

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