Use our full-scale RPA services and solutions for becoming an entirely automated business and bring the benefits of high efficiency, cost savings, time speed, and employee productivity.



We offer matchless end-to-end RPA services to streamline your processes. RPA consultants team at RPATech helps you identify RPA implementation opportunities, prepare a business plan around your existing strategy, and suggest the right tools and RPA solutions.

Industries we serve

RPATech consists of a vast array of industries we serve. Our deep domain experience across industries has helped us augment value while optimizing costs for our customers.


Financial Services









SCM/ Logistics


Get customized, optimized, and flexible RPA solutions with RPATech. We design solutions using our in-house build frameworks and methodologies— D3OTM and AugurDTM— to help your enterprise adopt RPA and AI entirely and successfully. The solutions that we design also allows you to cover the whole lifecycle of your process automation.


Bank Reconciliation

Manual Bank reconciliation has always been a challenging task. With organizations going global – multiple currencies, date formats, and time zones further complicate the process...

Claim Processing

With rising costs, growing customer expectations, disruptive diseases, competition, and integration with complex technologies, healthcare today is at a juncture where it is imperative for the...

Invoice Processing

Invoice Processing

Robotic Process Automation enables organizations to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and reduce process TAT. Highly manual processes, such as Invoice Processing, make the...

Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

Managing payroll is not an easy job for any payroll executive. Gathering inputs from multiple sources and calculating the salaries, incentives, deductions, leaves and work...

KYC Processing

KYC Processing

As Robotic Process Automation paves its way into the market, organizations seek to reduce costs, improve efficiency and reduce process turnaround time. Processes with high manual...

Benefits of Intelligent Automation

Accelerate Process

Speed up your process and minimize turn-around time with a reduction in error rates.

Faster ROI

Shorter deployment timelines, end-to-end automation result in quicker ROI.

Unmatched Accuracy

Cognitive capability, continuous learning, and user feedback bring unmatched accuracy.

Smart Allocation

Helps in dynamic allocation of resources to more meaningful tasks

Allows Flexibility

Intelligent automation can help you scale up and down seamlessly to handle any volume of work.

Data Security

A customized solution will contribute to greater confidence in security.

Bring the Power of AI to RPA

Experience the power of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Smart OCR, and Machine Learning brought to Robotics Process Automation.

Exceptional User Experience

Bygone are the days when AI was just for sci-fi movies. Now, use enterprise AI to deliver an exceptional UX.

Expand Automation Capability

Expand automation capability by adding AI skills to RPA and letting them unleash robots' superpowers.

Harness the Power Of Duo

AI takes the capability to a whole new level. Automate complex tasks with AI as the brain and RPA as the Hands.

Understand Complex Data

Combining RPA with AI, ML, and NLP allows robots to understand and comprehend complex data.

Achieve New Capabilities

Combine the power of RPA, AI, ML, and NLP and gain new capabilities that are beyond human abilities.

Be Future Ready

Be future ready with our comprehensive solution. It is no more about faster automation but about better automation.


Process Complexity Calculator

This Process Complexity Calculator is designed using our in-house-built D3O methodology. The Process Complexity Calculator helps you assess the complexity of your process and how perfect candidate is the process for RPA implementation.  

Answer the questions listed and check out your process complexity score.

      Importance of Selecting the Right
      Process For RPA

      The first and foremost step for successful RPA implementation is selecting the fitting process. Assessing RPA opportunities helps determine the best candidate for RPA implementation.

      As per the reports, 30-50% of RPA projects fail because they choose the wrong process for automation. Therefore, targeting the right process for RPA implementation is essential.

      Right Process Selection = Successful RPA Implementation

      Most Common Checklist For Selecting Simple Process To Automate With RPA.

      Rule-based: Nominate the rule-based and logical processes.


      Labor-intensive: Choose manual and labor-intensive processes.


      Data-Intensive: Select the data-intensive processes.


      Digital Inputs: Pick processes that work on electronic files.


      Error-Prone: Prefer error-prone processes.