RPATech celebrates 5 years of its founding!




New Delhi, November 11, 2022– RPATech celebrates its landmark achievement by marking 5 years of its founding as a trusted partner and a global automation service provider. RPATech proudly celebrates its landmark achievement by marking 5 years of its founding. Reflecting upon the past 5 glorious years, CEO and Founder Alok Mani Tripathi remarks, “I birthed RPATech when I saw the scarcity of right RPA implementation in the market.” “RPATech was founded to provide accurate, efficient, effective, and sustainable Robotic Process Automation services. And we have maintained that focus throughout these years,” adds Alok.

Over the past 5 years, RPATech has delivered over 250 projects in 6 continents compliant with global standards and security and sold 750+ licenses. It carries the honour of being ranked among the Top 27 automation service providers globally, named as a Major Contender by Everest PEAK Matrix, recognized as one of the Top 10 Best StartUps to work in, and many others.

RPATech adds another significant milestone of being selected by StartUp India among the Top 30 Indian StartUps, representing the India StartUp delegation at Slush 2022.

About RPATech

RPATech is a leading Intelligent Automation Service Provider rated among the top automation leaders by industry analysts. It is dedicated to contributing to the growth of the Indian economy and RPA services in the Indian market. RPATech offers consulting and integration services for Intelligent Automation implementation. The company specializes in the services around Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and has developed a niche in this area.

It utilizes its delivery methodology, D3O, to leverage industry-leading practices for delivering world-class automation experience to its clients. And with the help of its discovery framework, AugurD, combined with its process mining tool MotherBot, RPATech consults its client on what can be automated and how.

The company is partnered with top RPA vendors, such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and Microsoft. It enhances the capabilities of these automation platforms by infusing AI and other technologies. This ensures improved outcomes and a better automation experience for their customers. RPATech has helped its clients to increase their efficiency, save costs and increase competitiveness. It has done so by discovering automation potentials, designing, developing and optimizing its processes.

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