RPATech partners with Kissflow to amplify customers’ automation journey with low-code/no code




NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, November 16, 2022 — RPATech, one of the leading Integrated Intelligent Automation Services providers, and Kissflow, an industry-leading low-code/no-code work platform, entered into a strategic partnership to provide accelerated automation to clients across the globe.

The combination of RPA and low-code/no-code (LCNC) allows customers to achieve enterprise-wide automation, breaking siloed automation and bridging the gap between processes. RPATech aims to combine the power of RPA and the feasibility of LCNC, leading to a standout digital customer experience.

By applying the low-code/no-code paradigm, Kissflow unlocks automation for everyone. Citizen developers can create simple or sophisticated no-code automated workflows. Developers can add low-code scripts for enhanced functionality.

“Kissflow’s addition to our partnership program is a very important embarkment for both the companies to create and provide better automation solutions for our customers,” said Alok Mani Tripathi, CEO of RPATech. “We look forward to working with Kissflow to integrate automation in workplaces, which will strengthen our Intelligent Automation service offerings and help produce the best outcomes for our clients.

“Automation is the key to digital transformation for enterprise and it’s exciting to partner with RPATech to take citizen development to new heights by democratizing automation for all”, says Kaushik Roy, Sales Director -India, Kissflow

About RPATech

RPATech is a leading Intelligent Automation Services Provider which has been rated among the best automation leaders by industry analysts. RPATech offers consulting and integration services for Intelligent Automation implementation. The company specializes in the services around Robotic Process Automation(RPA) and has developed a niche in this area.

It utilizes its delivery methodology, D3O, to leverage industry-leading practices for delivering a world-class automation experience to its clients. And with the help of its discovery framework, AugurD, combined with its process mining tool MotherBot, RPATech is consulting its client on what can be automated and how.

The company is partnered with top RPA vendors. It enhances the capabilities of these automation platforms by infusing AI and other technologies. This ensures improved outcomes and a better automation experience for their customers. RPATech has helped its clients to increase their efficiency, save cost and increase competitiveness. It has done so by discovering automation potentials, designing, developing and optimizing its processes. For more information, please visit https://rpatech.ai/

About Kissflow

Kissflow provides a unified work platform for enterprises to digitally transform operations. The work platform brings together the entire spectrum of work management into a unified experience for enterprise-wide users by embracing the low-code/no-code paradigm. Unified platform with capabilities for app development, process management, task management, data management, integrations, analytics, and collaboration.

Hundreds of global and Fortune 500 brands such as Airbus, Pepsi, McDermott, Comcast, and Danone rely on Kissflow to simplify their work. Kissflow has been featured and recognized as an industry leader by Gartner, Forrester and G2. Founded in 2004, Kissflow has a globally distributed workforce. Learn more at https://kissflow.com/.

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