Save Precious Hours of Your Workforce with RPA for Healthcare—Case Study.




RPA for healthcare


The healthcare infrastructure is loaded with many burdensome and strenuous activities that drench the energy and time of their staff. Automation has been here for a long, yet healthcare sectors are slow to adopt these digital technologies. However, once leveraged the power of RPA and AI, healthcare leaders can reap its manifold benefits such as low-cost digital implementation, improved healthcare system efficiency, faster business operations, improved patient satisfaction, delightful staff, and more. Further, RPA for healthcare also gives additional benefits of quick settlement of bills, streamlines essential processes such as Insurance Claims, scheduling appointments with the patient, and many more.

About the Client

Our client is a leading healthcare data activation platform based in the United States. This platform helps healthcare organizations worldwide to work as a unit and deliver patient-centric care. Our client is committed to supporting and continuously improving the healthcare landscape. The company serves as a bridge to various healthcare organizations helping them work collaboratively to cater to people’s health and wellness.

Key Issues

Our client is a healthcare cloud company that collates patient-related data on the health cloud platform, making it easily accessible by healthcare organizations worldwide. They wanted to download visiting records from the eMD application of all patients. Manually downloading these bulky records was strenuous and time-consuming. It took weeks to extract data from all the sources.

Our Solution

The RPA solutions that RPATech provided its client are as follows:

  • A customized bot configured on the UiPath platform and implemented in the client’s process. The Citrix software is used to read and extract patients’ details from the portals.
  • After implementing RPA, the bot starts downloading patients’ files from the shared documents. Then the bot pushes the data into the UiPath Orchestrator queue. Next, the bot populates the data in POSTGRES.
  • After that, the bot processes each patient’s record and enters them into the eMD application.
  • Lastly, the bot summarizes patient visits, saves them in a folder, and sends an email to the concerned user.

Automation Benefits

RPA for healthcare resulted in the following benefits for the client:

  1. 90 hours/month saved on manual processing.
  2. Patient’s experience with the organization improved.
  3. 100% increase in process capacity.
  4. 100% error-free process.
  5. 50% reduction in average handling time.

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