10x Faster COVID-19 Test Data with Automation in Healthcare




Automation in healthcare


There is an adage: a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. The Healthcare industry is an important sector of every society as it directly impacts people’s lives. Therefore, healthcare industries need to provide quality health services to the people. However, the global pandemic has exposed the healthcare ecosystem gap: slow digital transformation. With nations being in lockdown and supply chain closure, there is a need for healthcare institutions to adopt new technologies and take a path to digital transformation. People avoid visiting hospitals; therefore, there is a rise in demand for telehealth services. Healthcare organizations are rapidly adopting automation in healthcare to combat the situation and remain competitive in the market.


About the Client

Our client is counted among the largest South Asia healthcare organization. They have 13 NABL accredited labs, operational 24×7, and performing 3800+ tests daily. Their labs are active in various parts of Delhi, NCR, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, and Haryana. Their pathology laboratories are installed with fully automated leading-edge technology and infrastructure, and their services are available to their patients at an affordable price, making them people’s top choice.


Key Issues

With a daily rise in the COVID-19 cases, our customer wanted to speed up their test results to provide quick services to their patients. There was a need to enter and update every report, positive or negative, daily on the ICMR portal to keep the authorities updated. Additionally, they wanted their staff free from mundane work to cater to their patients.


Our Solution

RPATech assessed the client’s existing process and proposed RPA solutions to streamline data entry of patients’ records on the ICMR portal. RPATech configured a flexible and non-invasive COVTRA bot to automate and accelerate the client’s process. The implementation of RPA was processed as follows:


  • The bot reads and extracts relevant data from an Excel sheet.
  • Then it logs into the ICMR portal daily either to create a new record or to update the existent record.
  • Lastly, it creates a detailed MIS report and emails it to government officials at 8 PM daily, helping them take proper actions.


Automation Benefits

RPATech’s tailored RPA solution helped the client attain the following benefits:


  1. 10x faster processing time.
  2. Reduction in error rate by 100%.
  3. Reduction in AHT by 90%.
  4. 24×7 process functioning.
  5. No backlogs.
  6. Timely reporting for quick actions.


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