Identify and Explore Automation Potential

Are you looking for ways to transform your business with AI and automation? We can help you discover the best opportunities for AI and automation within your organization. Our comprehensive suite of AI and automation services enables you to identify, evaluate, and implement the most impactful use cases tailored to your business goals.

Discovery workshop using AugurD

Our discovery workshop is a collaborative session using our proprietary AugurD framework to understand your business context, challenges, and objectives. We then analyze and prioritize potential AI and automation use cases to address your pain points and deliver value to your stakeholders.
Using our AugurD framework, we assess the feasibility, viability, and desirability of each use case. We also consider the risks, costs, and benefits of each solution.
By the end of the workshop, you will have a clear vision of how AI and automation can transform your business and a roadmap of how to get there.

Process and Task Mining

Process and task mining are powerful techniques that allow us to analyze your business processes and workflows in detail. We use advanced tools and methods to collect and visualize data from your systems, applications, and devices. We then apply machine learning and analytics to identify patterns, anomalies, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies within your processes.
Process and task mining help us to uncover hidden opportunities for automation in your business processes. We can pinpoint the areas where automation can improve your performance, quality, and compliance.
By using process and task mining, we can help you optimize your processes, reduce errors and waste, and enhance your productivity and customer satisfaction.

Use Case Identification

Use case identification is the final step of our discovery phase, where we strategically select the most beneficial use cases for AI and automation in your organization. We use a rigorous evaluation criterion to rank and compare the use cases that we have generated and mined. We consider factors such as

Business impact

How much value does the use case deliver to your business outcomes and metrics? 

Technical feasibility

How easy or difficult is it to implement the use case with the available data and technology?  

User desirability

How well does the use case meet the needs and expectations of your customers and employees? 

Organizational readiness

How prepared is your organization to adopt and sustain the use case? 


By using use case identification, we can help you focus on the most promising and profitable use cases for AI and automation in your organization. We can also help you plan and execute the implementation phase, where we design, develop, test, and deploy the solutions.

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