Enhance and Sustain Your Automation Solutions

After you have developed and deployed your AI and automation solutions, the next step is to optimize them to ensure that they deliver the best results and value for your business. We offer a range of services that help you enhance and sustain your automation solutions and keep them up to date with the changing needs and expectations of your customers and stakeholders.

Support and Maintenance

With our support and maintenance services rest assured that your AI and automation solutions are always running smoothly and efficiently. We offer

Technical Support & Issue Resolution

Monitoring & Responding to Incidents

Simple Code Troubleshooting & Fixes

System Maintenance & Updates

User Provisioning & Management

License Management

By using our support and maintenance services, you can rely on us to ensure the smooth functioning of your AI and automation systems and focus on your core business activities and objectives.

Automation Platform Migration

Automation platform migration is the process of moving your automation solutions from one platform to another, due to various reasons such as

Cost: You may want to switch to a more affordable or cost-effective platform that offers better features and functionalities for your needs and budget.

Performance :You may want to switch to a more powerful or efficient platform that offers better speed, scalability, reliability, and security for your systems and data. 

Compatibility : You may want to switch to a more compatible or flexible platform that offers better integration and interoperability with your existing systems and applications

Innovation : You may want to switch to a more innovative or advanced platform that offers access to the latest and best AI technologies and models that can enhance your solutions and outcomes.  

Whatever the reason, automation platform migration can be a complex and challenging process, involving various steps such as: 


 We assess your current automation solutions and evaluate the pros and cons of the existing and target platforms, based on your requirements and expectations.


 We plan the migration process, including the scope, timeline, resources, risks, and contingencies, and communicate with you and your stakeholders throughout the process. 


 We execute the migration process, ensuring that your automation solutions are transferred to the new platform with minimal disruption and downtime. We also test and verify the functionality and usability of your solutions on the new platform and ensure that they meet the quality and performance criteria


We provide you with post-migration support, ensuring that your automation solutions are running smoothly and efficiently on the new platform, and addressing any issues or queries that you may have. 

By using our automation platform migration services, you can navigate platform transitions smoothly, with our expert guidance and support, and keep your infrastructure advanced and efficient.

Efficiency and Accuracy Improvement

Efficiency and accuracy improvement is the process of optimizing the performance of your existing automation solutions, to achieve higher efficiency, speed, stability, and accuracy. This process involves various steps such as


 We analyze your existing automation solutions, and measure their performance metrics, such as throughput, latency, error rate, accuracy, etc. We also identify the factors that affect your performance, such as data quality, system design, algorithm selection, etc.


We optimize your existing automation solutions, using various techniques and methods, such as data cleansing, system tuning, algorithm refinement, etc. We also leverage the best practices and standards of the platforms, tools, and technologies that you use, to ensure optimal performance.  


 We validate the performance of your optimized automation solutions, using various testing methods and tools, such as benchmarking, simulation, validation, etc. We also compare the performance of your optimized solutions with the original ones and demonstrate the improvement and value that you have achieved

By using our efficiency and accuracy improvement services, you can optimize the performance of your existing automation solutions, and achieve higher efficiency, speed, stability, and accuracy.

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