Automate Invoicing for a Large Recycling company resulted in a 90% reduction in Manual Efforts

Automate Invoicing

Synopsis Many companies are still orchestrating their accounts payable process manually that is largely paper-intensive and labor-intensive. Such manual process impacts both small-scale and large-scale companies receiving hundreds, thousands, or even millions of invoices yearly, showing its limitations. Some businesses try to resolve this issue with partial automation by using electronic mode of receiving invoices. […]

With Travel Expense Automation Achieve Quick ROI Within a Year

Travel Expense Automation

Synopsis Expanding the geographic footprints is a great endeavor for businesses and an absolute necessity to remain competitive in the market. However, with a growth in business travel comes increased business expenses. The challenge lies in the hidden costs that drain the company’s resources. The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) report states that an employee […]

End-to-End Credit Management Automation for an FMEG Giant

Credit Management Automation

Synopsis The WTO enunciates that 80-90% of world trade is dependent on Trade Credit. Even though Trade Credit (or Credit Management) is a cornerstone of a business, one of the five small and medium-sized companies faces business bankruptcies because the client default on payments. Credit Controllers lack data analysis and control over finances, resulting in […]

Inventory Automation Saved 90% of Time of a Global Mining Leader

Inventory automation

Synopsis With the outbreak of COVID-19, the Supply Chain witnessed a 50 billion dollar drop in global exports, a study by the UN suggests. This study exposed a massive gap between inventory management and Supply Chain Management (SCM). This gap has also birthed a rise in the adoption of digital transformation. RPA is the most […]

Rodic Consultants automated its invoicing process and achieved 85% reduction in TAT

Invoice Processing Automation

Our Client​ Rodic Consultants, a leading business consulting company, offers end-to-end solutions in various sectors. They believe in delivering cost-effective and time-effective projects, owing to their exceptional commitment to customer service. With their headquarters in New Delhi, they have their registered cum regional office in 6 states in India. The Problem​ Their finance team received […]

100% Transaction Accuracy Achieved in Invoice Processing with RPA

Invoice Processing

Our Client Our client is a leading news channel in India with a wide network of correspondents and reporters. They have several regional channels across the country and aim to provide fast and up-to-date news coverage to viewers. The Problem The finance team receives over 450 approved invoices daily from various departments and processing such […]

80% Time Saved on Managing Customer Orders with RPA

Order Management

Abstract This case study presents a successful implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for order management and invoicing, resulting in significant time savings and operational efficiency for a global automotive technology supplier. Our customized RPA solution streamlined the manual and time-consuming order and invoicing processes, reducing the processing time by 80%.  About the Client Our […]

85% of time saved in Bank Reconciliation with Intelligent Automation for India’s Largest NBFC

Bank Reconciliation

Abstract The case study highlights how RPATech successfully transformed the bank reconciliation process for one of India’s largest NBFC through customized intelligent automation solution. By leveraging intelligent bots and advanced data processing techniques, the solution streamlined the reconciliation process for 1898 accounts across 24 different banks. The implementation of this solution resulted in increased efficiency, […]