Rodic Consultants automated its invoicing process and achieved 85% reduction in TAT

Invoice Processing Automation

Our Client​ Rodic Consultants, a leading business consulting company, offers end-to-end solutions in various sectors. They believe in delivering cost-effective and time-effective projects, owing to their exceptional commitment to customer service. With their headquarters in New Delhi, they have their registered cum regional office in 6 states in India. The Problem​ Their finance team received […]

100% Transaction Accuracy Achieved in Invoice Processing with RPA

Invoice Processing

Our Client Our client is a leading news channel in India with a wide network of correspondents and reporters. They have several regional channels across the country and aim to provide fast and up-to-date news coverage to viewers. The Problem The finance team receives over 450 approved invoices daily from various departments and processing such […]

80% Time Saved on Managing Customer Orders with RPA

Order Management

Abstract This case study presents a successful implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for order management and invoicing, resulting in significant time savings and operational efficiency for a global automotive technology supplier. Our customized RPA solution streamlined the manual and time-consuming order and invoicing processes, reducing the processing time by 80%.  About the Client Our […]