What is AI-Powered Automation? Its Benefits and Use Cases 

AI-powered automation

Transforming the way we work and live, AI-powered automation is not just a trend, but a revolution. This revolution is not just changing industries, but reshaping the very fabric of productivity. By taking over mundane tasks, enhancing efficiency, and reducing costs, AI-powered automation is driving the future.  In this blog post we’ll understand:  What is […]

RPATech listed in Market Guide for Hyperautomation Service Providers by Gartner 

Hyperautomation Service Provider

New Delhi, December 18, 2023: In a noteworthy recognition, RPATech, a leading player in the automation industry, has been listed in Gartner’s prestigious “Market Guide for Hyperautomation Service Providers 2023.” Gartner, a renowned global research and advisory firm, publishes this guide annually, featuring companies that have made significant strides in the hyperautomation industry.  Being recognized […]

Poor Data Quality and Its Impact on Your Automation Project 

Poor data quality

Businesses are rapidly adopting automation to streamline their processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. However, the success of any automation project depends significantly on the quality of the data used to fuel it. But, if the data fueling the automation is of poor quality, it can lead to significant hurdles. Poor data quality is like […]

Manufacturing Automation: Top 5 RPA Use Cases for Improved Business Efficiency

RPA in Manufacturing

Manufacturing Automation: Top 5 RPA Use Cases for Improved Business Efficiency The manufacturing industries are the front runners who adopted automation before other sectors to speed up their processes. However, they have primarily implemented physical robots that help them assemble, test, and package products. This physical automation cannot be considered well-rounded automation of all primary […]

Automation in HR for Quick Employee Onboarding/Offboarding

Automation in HR

Synopsis The mining sector is important to our civilization as we primarily depend on it. It delivers the necessary material while facing the challenges of reasonable utilization of natural resources. With serious endeavors, the mining industry is a principal contributor to environmental and climate protection. According to a report published by The Business Research Company, […]

Significant Reduction in TAT with Automation in Healthcare.

Automation in Healthcare

Synopsis Novel technologies disrupt how various industries such as manufacturing, banking & finance, travel, and others operate. However, these technologies have yet to make headway into the healthcare sector. Once healthcare providers absorb these disrupting technologies into their business processes, they can deliver patient-focus services. Further, automation in healthcare can help the healthcare providers streamline […]

India’s largest hospital network wins over financial loss with RPA in healthcare

RPA in healthcare

Synopsis RPA in healthcare for Government Schemes [ECHS and CGHS] is the second automation project materialized for our client, the leading healthcare service provider. The client began their automation journey with RPATech by automating their Claims Processing and continuing their digital endeavor with us by using our tailored RPA solutions for collating data for CGHS […]

Save Precious Hours of Your Workforce with RPA for Healthcare—Case Study.

RPA for healthcare

Synopsis The healthcare infrastructure is loaded with many burdensome and strenuous activities that drench the energy and time of their staff. Automation has been here for a long, yet healthcare sectors are slow to adopt these digital technologies. However, once leveraged the power of RPA and AI, healthcare leaders can reap its manifold benefits such […]

RPA in Manufacturing for Centralized SAP System—A Case Study

RPA in Manufacturing

Synopsis The manufacturing industry is a front runner to adopting automation solutions. Beginning from the Industrial Revolution 1.0, where machines and humans worked together, the manufacturing industry is ripe for Industry 4.0, where robots take over swivel chair tasks from humans. According to a report by NASSCOM, Indian manufacturing is aiming to embrace digital transformation […]