RPA in KYC Helps Reduction in Manual Efforts


Synopsis KYC processing is a vital part of any financial institution. This process helps prevention of money laundering or terrorist funding. However, manual KYC processing can slow down customer onboarding and threaten AML and KYC operations. Apart from these impediments, manual processing drives up overhead, lacks quality control, and increases fraudulent risk. Consistent AML and […]

Track Your Supplier’s Performance with Vendor Management Automation

Vendor Management Automation

Synopsis Vendors—single or multiple—exist in every—small to large—enterprise. Vendor Management System (VMS) helps businesses to manage vendor-related processes such as vendor onboarding, vendor-buyer relationship, vendor performance, payments, etc. Vendor Management Automation helps companies perform operations faster, accurately, and efficiently and remove errors. Manual evaluation and performance review of vendors regularly or quarterly includes high data […]

Automation in HR for Quick Employee Onboarding/Offboarding

Automation in HR

Synopsis The mining sector is important to our civilization as we primarily depend on it. It delivers the necessary material while facing the challenges of reasonable utilization of natural resources. With serious endeavors, the mining industry is a principal contributor to environmental and climate protection. According to a report published by The Business Research Company, […]

Payroll Automation for Reduced Financial Leakages

Payroll Automation

Synopsis The BPO industry has been here in the market for more than two decades, serving as a critical lever of transformation for organizations and helping businesses to focus on core competencies. The industry has constantly been evolving using innovations and the latest technologies. The benefits of RPA— cost-saving, agility, and efficacy—encourage many BPO leaders […]

Automated Contract Data Extraction Solution for a Mining Leader

Automated Contract Data Extraction

Synopsis: Automation in Mining is a debatable topic. Many would ask how such digitalization can help industries such as Mining that are physically intensive. However, there is a wide variety of repetitive and rule-based tasks performed in the business process of the mining industry, not adding value to the core business. For such tasks, RPA […]

Pharmacy Automation for Increased Process Capacity.

Pharmacy Automation

Synopsis The pharmaceutical sector is a significant player in the healthcare ecosystem. It is responsible for developing vaccines and medications to prevent and reduce morbidity rates. It affects the global population by providing drugs to treat ailments, infections, and diseases and maintain health. In a pharmacy setting, medication errors directly affect the patient’s life. As […]

HR Automation brings sky-rocketing results for a Leading Global Confectionery Supplier.

HR Automation

Synopsis The global sugar confectionery market has grown steadily in the last two decades. Owing to the novel tastes of consumers, many leading sugar confectionery companies are launching new products with innovative flavors. The current trend in the market is the usage of healthy ingredients due to rising health awareness and increased diabetic incidences. The […]

Significant Reduction in TAT with Automation in Healthcare.

Automation in Healthcare

Synopsis Novel technologies disrupt how various industries such as manufacturing, banking & finance, travel, and others operate. However, these technologies have yet to make headway into the healthcare sector. Once healthcare providers absorb these disrupting technologies into their business processes, they can deliver patient-focus services. Further, automation in healthcare can help the healthcare providers streamline […]

Save Precious Hours of Your Workforce with RPA for Healthcare—Case Study.

RPA for healthcare

Synopsis The healthcare infrastructure is loaded with many burdensome and strenuous activities that drench the energy and time of their staff. Automation has been here for a long, yet healthcare sectors are slow to adopt these digital technologies. However, once leveraged the power of RPA and AI, healthcare leaders can reap its manifold benefits such […]